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PONY 85cm Hard Shaft Hoof Sole Wedge Platform Fetish Heelless Lace-up Horse Boot


material: PU upper (vegan-friendly)
color: patent black or custom color (please advice swatch #)



- 85cm crotch hi hoof sole lace-up boots (or request desired length at the checkout)
- structured shaft, you may not bend your knees as usual
- soft shaft is also available upon request
- front sole is about 6cm (close to 2.5")
- invisible heel is about 20cm (close to 7.5")
- full side zip 
- discreet neutral packaging (but seller is required to state "shoes" on custom label) - free shaft
- free shaft circumference customization!! please see last diagram & advise (1)(2)(3)(4)

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