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Punk Decay Distressed Broken Hole Burnout Bloody Tie Dye Mummy Legging S.M.L.XL.XXL

Punk Decay Distressed Broken Hole Burnout Bloody Tie Dye Mummy Legging S.M.L.XL

material: cotton. spandex. polyester. nylon
color: blood (washed brick red tie dye)
brand: RTBU

size option #1: small (fits like XS/S)
size option #2: medium (fits like M)
size option #3: large (fits like L)
size option #4: extra large (fits like XL)
size option #5: XX-Large (fits like XXL)

amazing decayed mummy double layer leggings. beautiful interfering distressed ashy colors! fabric is thin and offers smooth comforming skin tight fit. the unique stretchy distressed fabric combines 2 different layers. top corroded textured layer is opaque with broken burnt holes. the underlayer is thin and translucent. these leggings are excellent layering piece under skirts or shorts. if you want to wear the leggings alone, you might want to wear a skin tone (or nude) skin-tight undershorts because the holes are translucent (shows skin).

please note that the tie dye effect varies from leggings to leggings.

(fabric is stretchy)
waist band: 23"-34"
rise: 10"
inseam: 25.5"
side length: 35.5"

(fabric is stretchy)
waist band: 25"-36"
rise: 10"
inseam: 26"
side seam: 36"

(fabric is stretchy)
waist band: 26"- 38"
rise: 10.5"
inseam: 28"
side seam: 40"

(fabric is stretchy)
waist band: 27"- "42"
hip: 36" (unstretched) to 46" (stretched to max)
rise: 10.5"
inseam: 30"
side seam: 41"

(fabric is stretchy)
waist band: 30"- "46"
hip: 42" (unstretched) to 54" (stretched to max)
rise: 10.5"
inseam: 31"
side seam: 42"

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