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RTBU Gothic Kawaii Cutie Punk Cobweb Spider Web Net Acrylic Mohair Knitted Crochet Sweater Slouchy Off Shoulder Pastel Purple

material: 100% acrylic
free size: one size fits all (adult)
gender: unisex
color: pastel purple

* hand-knitted mohair cobweb crochet sweater
* slouchy loose fitting.
* off shoulder
* unisex style
* super lightweight and soft. won't scratch skin
* dry clean only
* great for showing tatoos

measurements (unstretched):
(knit is stretchy)
neck opening: 28"
bust: 40"
back length: 23"
sleeve inseam (armpit to cuff): 20"

cleaning instruction:
dry clean or hand wash (must be gentle). soak the sweater in basin of soapy water for 5 minutes and change to clean water 2 to 3 times until the soap is all gone. remove excess water by gentle squeeze (avoid twisting or rubbing). lay the sweater flat on a dry towel, roll up into a stick shape and press so the water will transfer to the towel. then place the sweater flat on another dry towel. to line dry (it should dry very quickly because you have transfer most of the water away by your previous towel). the key is to have the sweater wet as short as possible. it will help maintain the shape of the sweater.

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