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Ultra Long Goth Punk Rocker Grunge Mummy Bandage Raggedy Tie Dye Leggings/Pants

Ultra Long Goth Punk Rocker Grunge Mummy Bandage Raggedy Tie Dye Leggings/Pants

material: cotton jersey. gauze stripes. D-ring. crochet knit
size options: S, M, and L
gender: unisex

unique sharp-looking ultra long leggings for men and women. long enough to fit literally the longest legs. but for most people, the excess length will gathered around the ankles and creating ruched look. the inner side of the knees have black crochet net insert. cotton gauze strips crossing around the hips. D-rings at the hips for adjustment. right thigh features tulle overlay with silkscreen grahic. left thigh features crossing gauze stripes. the 2-tone strips are double-sided with contrasting stitches. please note that the tie dye effect is done by hand and no 2 pairs of leggings are identical. the color distrubution varies for different leggings.

cleaning instruction
please turn the leggings inside out and soak them in soapy water for 5-10 minutes then rinse with running water. remove access water, roll them in a dry towal to make them even dryer to speed up line dry time. Machine wash is NOT recommended.

special note
The gauze straps are probably the most attractive feature of the leggings but due to the nature of the fabric and the theatrical look we want to achieve, there is a limit for the level of durablility. the cotton strap embellishments on the leggings are quite intricate and delicate. Unlike durable functional everyday jeans, any clothing with embellishment do need extra care during wear and wash. however, on the other hand if wore and wash with care, these leggings can last a very very long time. in addition, the straps are removable if perfered.

elasticized waist band: 22" to 32"
rise: 8.5"
inseam: 37"

elasticized waist band: 24" to 34"
rise: 8.5"
inseam: 38"

elasticized waist band: 26" to 36"
rise: 9"
inseam: 38"

XL ++++ NEW SIZE! ++++
elasticized waist band: 30" to 40"
hip (ustretched): 40"
rise: 9.5"
inseam: 40"

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